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Heavenly Air Compressor

Heavenly Air Compressor

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Life saving multifunctional emergency heavenly air pump tool. It has an LED light at the top that can be used to inflate in the dark, change tires, or warn other vehicles at night. The top also includes a C-type charging port and a USB output port, allowing it to serve as an emergency power source for electronic devices.
The Heavenly air pump is built in a high-performance chip, it can quickly inflate tires and provide high-speed airflow. Inflate small car tires in less than 1 minute. The LED display screen displays real-time pressure values and preset values, making it easy to monitor tire pressure status. The automatic shutdown design can also prevent excessive inflation, making it safe to use.
The cordless tire inflation machine adopts a compact cordless design and is compact in size. It is equipped with a storage bag for easy storage in cars, bike racks, or backpacks and is very suitable for inflating during travel or at home. The cordless tire inflator includes multiple accessories and is a must-have product for drivers, cyclists, and adventurers.


  1. Accurate pressure measurement: The inflation pump can accurately measure pressure, ensuring the accuracy of inflation.
  2. Metal cylinder body: The cylinder body of the inflation pump is made of metal materials, which have high strength and durability.
  3. Emergency lighting: The inflation pump is equipped with an emergency lighting function, which can provide lighting in emergency situations.
  4. Full screen digital display: The display screen of the inflation pump can display information such as pressure and power, making it convenient for users to understand the working status of the inflation pump.
  5. Acoustic noise reduction: The inflatable pump adopts acoustic noise reduction technology to reduce the interference of noise on users.
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